Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cowboy Small

There was one a little boy who put on a bandanna and became a cowboy. . . . . . He had found a horse, and was deciding to run away the minute he got the chance. . .
. . .When he was amused to discover he was being followed by a crazed fan with a camera! He promptly aimed with his trusty gun, aka dad's jewellers screw-driver. . .
. . .But as that didn't seem to be deterring the obsessed photographer, he mounted his trusty steed. . .
. . .And, finding he was being relentlessly pursued, fired in earnest this time.
The little cowboy was just thinking what an excellent escape he had had, and looking around for more crazies with Nikons. . .
When the enemy appeared again! The cowboy was shocked, of course.
Things became a bit sketchy here. The little cowboy suddenly became convinced, much to the mortification of his chronicler, that she was not a stalker with a camera, but rather a "buffalo." Despite urgings to the contrary, the little cowboy chose to remain convinced that this person was nothing but a harmless buffalo, and after inspecting her with appalling mirth, he mounted his horse again, going to look for fellow cowboys once more.
And suddenly--it happened! He was shot at from the bushes by an unseen foe. He fell, much to the horror of the buffalo, who expressed her deep consternation and grief by not stirring a muscle and instead photographing the body.
However, much to our great happiness, the cowboy rose again--not exactly sure how, but I'm sure he would explain all if he had a better grasp of the English language. Here he is, older and wiser, but victorious.
And here he is one last time, very pleased with himself, preparing to mount his steed and ride into the sunset.
Buffalo, er, Editor's Note: All right, yes, so I'm a total sap when it comes to my little brother. But he's so adorable, I naturally assume the rest of the world wants to be bombarded by endless photographs of him. And don't tell me you didn't enjoy every minute of the bandanna-clad cuteness!

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