Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, so this is my first *real* post...I've never had a blog before, and after the fun and thrill of picking out my layout and personalizing my fonts and colors--yes, these things give me unspeakable joy--I am not exactly sure what I'm doing. So please, bear with me!
Hopefully this blog will enable me to connect more with friends, and other like-minded people.
To elaborate a bit more about myself: I am a Revolutionary War reenactor, along with my wonderful family, so we get the opportunity to travel a lot of the historic South--places like Williamsburg and Brattonsville.
My favorite place in the world is probably Charleston, South Carolina--but I haven't seen too much of the earth yet, so I'm sure I'll eventually find one I like better. But right now it's Charleston, not without reason: it is a beautiful city, dripping with Colonial history, and it has the peculiar gift of transitioning rather gracefully through the centuries, and keeping a little of each.
My current hometown is small--one of the many old mill towns here in the South that is sort of dead after the mill closed. It used to be inhabited mainly by mill workers, so I guess the population must be more diverse now, at least. Overall there's not much stirring here though.
We have recently been visited by some lovely was getting into the '70s these past three days, but tomorrow will be cold and rainy! :(
I spent last night watching Fireproof with the was probably the best independant film I've ever seen, and while I haven't seen too many, that is still high praise.
Well, it is one o'clock...and I do have school tomorrow...

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