Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Summer (so far)

Well, here I am, back again, trying to write something after a very interesting summer, and despite the fact that my computer seems intent on translating my posts into Hindi. Which is strange, because I don't even read Hindi.
Like I said, we've had an interesting summer. Went to see some relatives in New York--I tried to post from there, actually, but the computer and I just weren't working well together so I decided to wait until I got home.
The day we came home I was rather sick, and the next day was a bit sicker, but felt better after that. Unfortunately Josiah and Maura, who are four and two, got sick as well. They both had it pretty bad. But Josiah got better and Maura didn't. She was up all night for days with agonizing stomach cramps that kept she and my parents from sleeping. They were all very exhausted. It was so painful she never wanted me to even help her--she always wanted my mom.
Finally it all culminated rather dramatically, and my sister was taken to the urgent care. . . and then the ER. . . her blood sugar was amazingly high.
So she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and taken to Levine Children's Hospital. The staff was spectacular there, very kind and understanding. I think she was there for three days.
Initially she hated the idea of shots, but has adapted to the idea rather quickly. Although she still hates having to have two shots at bedtime. . . altogether she has five shots a day. She's going to get an insulin pump eventually. Diabetic people with pumps generally live longer, healthier lives. It makes it easy to closely monitor your body and therefore respond more accurately to one's own specific needs.
So that's that. We've all been eating much more healthily, which has been very good for all of us. It would appear that Maura also has Celiac's Disease, so she can't have wheat, and while the rest of us had been doing so (although much less than we used to) but we've all stopped eating sugary foods. Although my parents and I still have sugar in our coffee and I frantically scrounge up sweets whenever given the opportunity, because I am an addict.
However, I've been jogging (almost!) every evening. At least I think I'm jogging. . . maybe I'm running. I don't know what I do. But anyways, I do it. And I've been drinking the proper amount of water, which makes all the difference.
My mom is getting on in her pregnancy. She has a beautiful round belly, and we've actually started making baby-coming preparations--getting clothes out for it and things like that. I'd sort of like another brother, but I won't mind if it's a girl, either. A girl would balance things out!
So that's our summer so far. . .

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