Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At The Museum

Here are some pictures from our more recent trip to the science museum:
That's Maura, and David in the background. There's a little man-made stream running through the children's play area, which is in a little courtyard. (It's sometimes a live butterfly exhibit). The stream is headed by the decapitated statue of a turtle, whom I suspect was placed in the position he currently is in by some child who found the courtyard too dull. Or else the heat got to him.

And here is Benny, having fun on the rock wall, which is no challenge to him at all. . .(yes, I am jealous. . .)

Josiah and I.

And here we are, having a fabulous time. Until I stepped off and realized I was fabulously nauseous. But, nevertheless, I'd do it again...

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