Monday, July 5, 2010

Florida. I love Florida, can you tell?
These three personable palm trees I photographed at St. Augustine.

Even though this is an osprey, he kept making me think of the song 'Hej Sokoły.' (Polish national means 'Hey, falcon.' Don't listen to it. It's catchy). Anyhow, I took a lot of pictures to get this one.

This lovely gator is technically "the one that got away." I had forgotten my zoom in the house, and subsequently, missed out on a photograph that could have appeared to have been taken from only a few feet away. And I couldn't get a picture of his fascinating tail.

Dragonfly larvae. (I believe).

This is one of my favorites. A boat came through and made these wonderful ripples.
Mist in the early morning.

Here I become rather obsessed with reflection. When I was younger I thought it was bad luck to see my reflection in the lake, so I wouldn't look. It's actually sort of cool. The water was, one evening in particular, just like a looking glass.
Snail eggs. They were a delicate pink color that doesn't even show up as nicely as it did in person.

More reflections...

This is also one of my most mourned photographs. If it had been more centered, the heron and his reflection would have been frame-worthy.

I like this island a lot, as you can probably tell. It has a lot of character. One day I'm going to buy a canoe and go chasing alligators all over it. (It's too swampy to really walk across, though).

So, that is my Florida trip, summed up in pictures. Maybe I'll add my St. Augustine photographs later.


  1. Great photos. I did not know you could do that with a disposable camera. My daughter has a Nikon D40 and takes absolutely fantastic, breath-taking,magnificent pictures. Maybe you two could get together.

  2. What lovely photos! They make me appreciate the natural beauty of Florida, which I have sometimes found hard to do. I especially like the boat ripple (what a gift from a passing boat!), the boathouse with the clear mirror water, and the first one of the osprey. I like what the black-and-white does to that last; it adds to the mystery of the bird, I think. Have you ever read Hopkins' poem Windhover, by the way? I may have mentioned it before, since I'm rather fond of it. The photo reminded me of the poem. Anyhow-- nice to see about your trip!