Sunday, February 21, 2010


It was my little brother's birthday today. He turned twelve and I feel absolutely crazy. It feels like I should be twelve, not him. He's too big. Now I have to face the fact that everybody else is going to be twelve at some point too - and even older. It's depressing, I hate it. I wish we could stay one snug family unit in the early 2000's for forever.
But, the future it so enticing and exciting, and there's always more fun to be had, so I suppose we'll all deal with it, as everybody has always done for hundreds of years.
But it still seems impossible that I have spent twelve years with my incredibly sweet, thoughtful, sensitive little brother, most of the time not really appreciating any of that, but it's quite true. I realized the other day that he's the best possible brother I could have had. I always used to think things like, 'Well, if he were more adventurous, we would have had more fun together.' Or 'If we were closer in age, we would have been closer and gotten along more.'
But none of that is true. He's absolutely perfect, and somebody definitely knew what they were doing when they gave him to us. Because he's awesome.
I love you, little brother. ;-)

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