Thursday, January 28, 2010

And. . .

. . .Another reason why Holmes is cool.
Oh yeah. Drinking coffee. And Starbucks, no less! Look at that man's discriminating taste. I now feel totally justified in spending twenty bucks on Sherlock Holmes when it comes out on DVD, because I know my money is going to discerning, classy, responsible people. ;-)


  1. Teehee yay! Starbucks reminds me of Moby Dick cause the 1st mate was named Starbuck. The coffee is good, though I'm not an expert at defining good coffee or bad coffee in general.

  2. Yeah actually I read that they named Starbuck's after him! They were going to use some other name from the story...maybe the captain's hometown or something, I can't quite remember. . ? but anyways that didn't work out. So Starbucks it us, bc you know the 1st mate did love his coffee.