Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the Craft, Craftiest Time. . .Of the Year. . .

Yes, so I've been doing crafty things. This was my newest project, inspired by, yes, the November issue of Anthropologie. I originally tried tracing the mushrooms from the magazine, but ended up just sketching it myself. I had to draw it on lined paper and then trace it, since I found the print too distracting to sketch on. I used a Arthur Conan Doyle story I'd printed off the internet about a year ago--that, and other stories, have been waiting to be recycled ever since.
I used the paper, scissors to cut it out, and then my pocket knife to do the cut outs. An X-Acto knife would have been best. And a cutting board on a hard surface was crucial, I orginally did one on the cutting board on my bed, and that made all the delicate work really hard. Just for those of you who might be thinking about cutting out paper mushrooms on your bed.
As you can see, I stuck them in my mirror, and the Christmas tree on my shelf. I might also make an angel, and I want to make a tree and an elephant or two.
So yes, I've been quite the crafty Christmas elf. ;-P

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