Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm a Big Sister!

This it my beautiful baby brother, Max. Actually his full name is Simon Maxwell, but we're calling him Max.
My parents sort of got the idea from Where the Wild Things Are, and I approve heartily. I love the name Max.
We thought he would never come. He insisted on being very overdue. The birth was interesting, and I missed it.
At first I didn't know what to think of him, because we had all thought he was a girl, and because I've seen all of my siblings born. So I walked into the room and everything was over, and there was a strange baby. Who was a boy. But my mother was very happy.
I have to confess that for the first three days I had terrible guilt, because I didn't feel much of anything about him. Usually I feel instantly attached, and with Max I just felt vaguely shocked and disgruntled.
However, he's so soft and sweet, and he smells so nice and babyish, and his hair is so silky and fine, and his eyes are so big and wise, that very soon I began to feel differently. He looks at me--just stares. And when I talk, he turns to see me. He recognized my voice from the first time I saw him, and he seemed to like me. I don't know why that was such a shock, but it was. He seems very interested to see all those people he's been hearing for months, which I guess shouldn't be any surprise--it's only logical. Babies are very intelligent and advanced, although some people don't seem to think so.
But I guess it's a good thing I'm loud, because it seems he heard me very well in there.
He doesn't really cry--he's very easy going. He grunts and fusses, but he rarely ever just screams, like most babies. He likes to look at me, when I'm holding him. I think he can tell now that I'm quite used to him and feel quite normal again, because he seems more comfortable with me.
Josiah likes him a lot--probably because his name is Max. ;-) At least, that gave them a good start. The first time he saw him, Josiah was screaming, and we said: 'Look--it's baby Max!'
And he stopped, looked at him, and said, 'Max?' In complete disbelief.
His eyes were big, I don't think I've ever seen him so much surprised and at a loss. He reached out and very carefully and briefly laid his hand on the baby's blanket, very softly. Then he leaned out of my arms and gently put his head against him, and smiled.
My talent for getting infants to sleep has returned to me, as it has a habit of doing. I always rock them in this rocking chair.

This is Max and his great-grandmother. I know he looks extremely irate in this picture, but he really did calm down and enjoy himself--after I'd taken pictures, of course, but the fact is that he did, and that's all that matters. You can see mom reflected in the mirror, which I think is very interesting.
This is Maura and Josiah. . .I used to rock her in the rocking chair. She was also born in September, so it was the same season.
And this is a very happy, relieved mommy! She was definitely ready to have the baby.
Oh yes, his birthday is September 25'th. He was 10lb, 3oz, and 22 inches long.
Isn't he lovely?

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  1. Awwwww yaaaay!!! Wow yes I am so jealous of you having all those cute little siblings!! Cause I mean i'm the oldest, but the youngest in my family is 12 and I can't baby him. :( I wish I had a cute little kid to rock in a rocking chair!