Friday, August 21, 2009

Shortcut to Mushrooms

That stuff that looks like foam is actually part of the mushroom's root system, and it's perfectly solid--actually, it's probably firmer than the rest of the mushroom. It's normally buried under the damp leaves, but I dug it out to take a look. Root systems are very diverse--I hadn't seen one like this before.
Some fungus I found in some heavily wooded, shady forest. They were surprisingly hard, although they look very soft, they were about as firm as an unripe peach.

This is not a picture of's actually a close-up of the top of the largest mushroom. ;-)

These are the mushrooms...three lovely specimens from my neighbor's yard. The rest of the photographs are these mushrooms, shot from different angles, with close-ups, etc.

Yes. I'm obsessed.

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